Reveals God as Provider 

God makes it clear throughout scripture that it is His desire to bless all nations. When we ask, “How does God want to bless them?”, we find the answer in how He blessed Israel. Economic blessing was a clear part of God’s design for Israel from the moment they left Egypt. In Deuteronomy 15 we see that while they are still in the wilderness, He is beginning to prepare them for economic development and their responsibility for both the individual and the nation. - See more


If you are a banker, a business person, a laborer, a manager, a store owner, a stock broker or a ditch digger who provides goods and services for your community or nation in any way, you are part of God’s plan to reveal Jehovah Jireh, God our Provider. The Bible has as much to say about finance and its purpose in blessing a people as any other subject in scripture including salvation. Most view business today as a means to make money and nothing more. In scripture, business is a means to make money and a great deal more. In scripture, it is about provision, about quality of life, about demonstrations of goodness and blessing. The Bible speaks about the worship of work and the Creator of work, about skill and craftsmanship and the work being worthy of the maker. The creature reveals the Creator in the quality of his work just as the Creator has revealed Himself in the quality of His work. Community responsibility and creative solutions reveal the goodness of God to every level of our society. You have a call of God on your life. Like Joseph you are part of God’s revelation of His ability to provide all that is needed in abundance. You are part of His plan to reveal the quality of the workman. What would happen if every Christian in the world showed up for work on time? Performed at their absolute best? Set their sights on blessing the community and company rather than blessing themselves? What would happen if every Christian who owned a business asked, “What does our community really need and how can we provide that and make a profit?” rather than “Where can we make the most money?” Before we can begin to dream, we must know what God wants us to dream. In order to know that, we must understand what He has already taught us in His Word. Does something stir in your heart as you read this? Are you one called of God to begin saturating yourself with the mind of Christ and then to apply it in your life and work? You are part of God’s strategy for discipling your nation. - See more



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