Reveals God as The Word 

Of all the domains, communication is the most difficult to isolate and study. The entire Bible is made up of books, poems, and letters, which God intended, along with everything else He made, to communicate Himself. He is the Word. The visible world reveals His invisible attributes. Man is made in His image. The Holy Spirit leads us into all truth and Jesus reveals the Father. Everything God does is communication and everything you and I do communicates. We are communicators made in the image of a communicating God. One great difference between biblical thought and all other worldviews and religions is that scripture records God communicating with man while others are attempting to find God. God compares Himself to words. He calls Himself the Living Word (John 1:14) and says that words have power if we give them power. As much as any other arena, the domain of communication reveals the sovereign will of God’s human creation and our individual ability to choose to listen, see, believe, and say what we like. God will not overrule that sovereignty of the individual, even for His own message. We have the power, we have the right, to accept or reject anyone’s ideas, concepts, or words. Our job as Christians is not to overpower others with our view of the world, but to persuasively communicate our message – to give others a choice so that, by the grace of God, “we might win some.” - See more


Sometimes it seems we are unable to think of a purpose in media beyond evangelization and church. This is the by-product of split thinking. I often ask people what a Christian wheel would look like. What would a Christian or biblical pilot do? Of course they have a hard time defining a “good” wheel or a “good” pilot because the very thing that makes a good pilot “good” is already a biblical view whether we realize it or not. If we take it a step further to news, entertainment, documentary, or any other area of communication…what does the “Christian” version look like? Are you part of a generation to find out? - See more


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