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Reveals God as Potter

Everything that God has made is beautiful! Nothing in the universe is without color, form, and design. He turns ashes into beauty. He is the “Song of Songs,” the “Potter,” the Lord of beauty. He is beautiful. The arts reveal the creator through music, words, color, design, balance, movement, harmony, rhythm. David said that the stars sing the glory of the Lord and there are physicists today who think it is completely possible that the planets do vibrate in perfect harmonic chords. On the seventh day of creation, God rested. We should not think of this rest in terms of tiredness because God does not suffer fatigue. We should think of this rest as taking time to contemplate the beauty of creation, a savoring of the goodness of all that He has made. God’s attributes revealed in the arts are beauty, rest, and celebration. God’s purpose for this domain is to renew and restore us and give us joy from our labor. - See more


Whether you are gifted in body, ear or eye, your gift is a celebration of God and a part of the call of God on your life. We have been created by God to need and to celebrate beauty and joy. You are part of God’s answer to that world of need. Everything God has made, whether we look at it macroscopically or microscopically, is beautiful and it was all created with sound. So, whether you are celebrating the use of your gift in the work of the church to minister to Christians or to minister to the many who do not go to church, you are ministering Christ. Whether you work with other Christians or non-Christians you are His testimony through your life and skill. You don’t have to justify your gift by doing religious material or by kneeling in prayer when you do well, although you may do both. Your gift is justified because it is part of God’s nature and character in you. It is part of who He is and how He has made you and the gift itself reveals God. The world needs your gift and the celebration of beauty and joy it brings. Do not hold back! Let’s begin the new renaissance. - See more


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