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Reveals God as Creator 

The scriptures are very down to earth and deal with life at its most basic. God deals with every dimension of His creation. Topics that make you and me uncomfortable are brought out for common sense understanding. God has brought a great deliverance for more than two and a half million Isralites and alien slaves. They have experienced the miracle of the parting of the Red Sea. They have been eating miracle manna dropped from the sky on a daily basis. But they still needed to use the bathroom. You could say that this scene in the wilderness is the juxtaposition of God’s teachings on the material world. He can invade our creation and do what none of us understands, but the daily norm is to work with the natural laws by which His creation was made to function.The same God who did the impossible for His people by parting the Red Sea wants to teach them about His material world and the laws by which it works and He wants them to take responsibility for what they have learned. He is discipling them. - See more


As a professional in the science domain, you have a high calling. You are the discoverers and stewards of God’s material creation. You are called to know Him in a special way as He reveals Himself in the things He has made. You are called to use that knowledge to bless individuals, communities, and nations. No calling in God’s Kingdom is second rate. No domain of revelation is more or less important than another; they are all created by God to reveal Himself. The pastor has one job and you have another. The missionary prays to be shown worthy of his calling and so should you. God makes His “cause and effect” relationship with man most evident in this domain. He uses His natural laws to humble us and reveal His awesome power and wisdom. Are you one of God’s George Washington Carvers? Are you called to hold in your hand something of God’s creation and say, “God, you made this and you said it was good. Why did you make this peanut, atom, DNA cell, planet, bug, tree?” The sky is not the limit. God’s revelation of Himself stretches to the farthest reaches of the cosmos. How far is that? Perhaps He will use you to reveal that to us and strike us with awe again. You are part of God’s strategy for discipling all nations. - See more


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