Reveals God as the Great Teacher

Education, like communication and the arts, is difficult to isolate and study apart from other areas in scripture. Everything in scripture is about learning. The Bible is a book inspired by God for our education and understanding of His ways. So, again, with this chapter we do not have one scripture that serves as an example, but will look at a scriptural overview of the subject. It is clear that God is a God of knowledge. He can be known. He wants to be known and He wants us to know Him in all that He has made. You could say that inquiring minds are godly minds and one of the primary marks of discipleship is expressed in questions – the desire to learn and know. - See more


As administrator and school board members we should be seeking influence and policy that brings back parental involvement and authority in our school system. This is not to say that government does not have a role in organizing and overseeing an educational system. It is to say the system must be as parent- and local-based in its authority as possible. As a local principal you can create a voice for parents whether in a formal or informal way. You can create a communication strategy that helps them feel informed and involved and you can help your classroom teachers do the same. I do not mean to imply that getting parents involved is an easy task. Apathy abounds. However, the more the parents are involved, the healthier the school system will be. - See more


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