The Template Study Bible

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What do the Colors Mean?
⚈ Government
⚈ Economics
⚈ Science & Technology
⚈ Family
⚈ Communication
⚈ Arts & Entertainment
⚈ Religious Instruction
⚈ Education

If you see a highlight in one of the colors above over a particular verse, it means that you are now studying within that area of society e.g. Arts & Entertainment. 

2. How do I navigate around the bible? On all pages it is possible to hit the “+” button at the very bottom of each page.

will open up. You simply scroll down and you will have full access to a raft of tools available to aid you in your study. First, you can choose a particular book and a chapter within that book. If you can’t click on a chapter it means it is not yet ready. When you click on the number of the chapter (GENESIS 1 2 3 4 ), you will be taken there immediately to begin studying. Once there you will see the area of study written at the top e.g. ✎Government or  ✎Economics Second, if you would like to view the same page but with another domain of study like ✎Education you can do so by going to the Navigator “+” and choosing


and selecting an alternative domain from the one you are on from the list. Third, you can move through the chapters of any book by clicking on the next and back buttons on each side of the page for each chapter.

3. Why does it suddenly say, “”This Template Study Bible is not yet available for this chapter…”?

Please keep checking back to see how we are getting on. This is a work in progress. Please enjoy your new Template Study Bible, we appreciate your patience as we work hard to add more content. You can read more about our ministry and support our work  at our main website -

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